Manufacture Medical Products

As a contract manufacturer for medical products, we are your reliable partner in China to produce parts and components, as well as OEM product assembly.

Key Values:

We are experts in new product development and respect every client's IP rights.

Low cost manufacturing with medical-grade quality control

Our engineering team are familiar with a variety of manufacturing techniques from plastic molding, metal fabrication to electric assembly. We often help customers to finetune their designs to achieve optimal manufacturing cost.

NDA can be signed upon request and we welcome your visit to meet us in person.

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Cases - Product Development

Patient Handling Equipment

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Medical Trolley

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Automatic Bed

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Cases - Parts and Components

Medical Shadowless Lamp

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Endoscopy Tube Parts

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Plastic Medical Enclosures

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Other Accessories

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Key Manufacturing Process: Plastic Molding

Comparison Data of Medical Enclosures

Manufacturing Process Traditional Steel Mold Small Batch
Lead Time 40 days 8 days
Production Cost 43,000 USD 12,000 USD
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Medical Consumibles

Medical Mask

Disposable Gloves

Virus Sampling Swab

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Electronic Component Sourcing and Assembly

IOT, Sensors, Motors, Cables, Display, KeyPads...Learn More